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Microsoft & Centiq webinar: Driving success for your SAP ecosystem with Automation

By Dorota Gibiino

16 October 2020

Automation for SAP

How Azure and Infrastructure as Code are key to driving success throughout the life of your SAP ecosystem

Thursday 19th November 2020 

2-3 pm GMT Virtual Event 

What does digital transformation look like for your SAP landscape?
During these uncertain times, has the shift in the market changed the profile of needs for your SAP platform?

Customers are realising that simple lift and shift of your current environment to cloud rarely achieves the goals of lower TCO and increased flexibility with stability. Increasingly customers need more from a potential migration of an SAP landscape to enable sustained transformation.

The desirable benefits of flexibility, agility, security, stability with a lower TCO that Microsoft Azure brings can only be achieved if you improve the people and process that drive the technology. How do you continually deliver positive business change, when business demands are constantly changing to respond to a volatile market, whilst maintaining a satisfactory TCO?

This is where we can help!

Join Microsoft and Centiq on the 19th November 2020 at 2 pm to hear how Infrastructure as Code and Automation could be the key to driving sustained and successful digital transformation for your SAP on Azure estate.

The discussion will be based around real-life learnings and experiences and will outline why change is needed, what exactly Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is, why these strategies are important for SAP workloads, the potential impact of not considering new ways of working and how these new ways of working can help you achieve your business goals.

About Centiq 

Centiq have been leading the way with designing, building and managing SAP platforms for over 20 years, a unique business in the SAP partner ecosystem, specialising in the end to end SAP platform. The team have unrivalled experience in SAP on Azure, Suite on HANA and S/4HANA, with a proven track record of delivering accelerated and sustained SAP transformation with optimised cost and mitigated risk.     

About Microsoft Azure 

Microsoft Azure is the leading cloud platform for SAP workloads. The platform offers a best in class solution to optimise your SAP-certified infrastructure, world-class security and the flexibility and scalability required by the Modern Enterprise.  

By Dorota Gibiino

16 October 2020