Accessibility Policy

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This website has been designed to be accessible to as wide an audience as possible. All web pages have been written using HTML 5 and use CSS 2 and CSS 3 style elements, the site should be usable on all web browsers that support these standards.

Note that some older browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 and 7 and Firefox 3.5 do not fully support these standards. People still using these browsers will still be able to navigate the site, however, the content will be displayed with a basic layout and the experience will not be as intended.

The site is adaptive and will reformat content to use the available width of the browser, however, the site has been designed to be used with screen resolutions of at least 1024 pixels wide.

JavaScriptJavaScript is used on this site to improve the user’s experience. If JavaScript is not enabled on your browser, you will still be able to use the site, but some parts of it will not appear as intended.

Standards ComplianceThis site has been designed to meet the “AA” level of compliance with the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) and WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 1.0. Wherever possible content will meet this standard. Where this has not been possible, pages should meet at least “A” compliance.

Text SizeUsers with impaired vision wishing to increase the text size of the site can do so in the following ways:

Internet Explorer (PC): use the View > Text Size menu Internet Explorer (Macintosh), use the View > Text Zoom menu Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari: use CTRL+ and CTRL-

Browser CompatibilityThis site has been tested with Microsoft Edge; Internet Explorer 11; Firefox; Safari; Google Chrome. Note that it will not render correctly in Internet Explorer 10 and below.

PrintingIn order to print the pages as they are intended you should ensure your browser is configured to print background images and colours. Note that at the time of writing Safari for Windows is unable to do this.