Powerful strategic alliances to deliver the best partner ecosystem for our SAP customers.

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Working alongside the best names in technology

Delivering solutions and services to businesses with complex SAP landscapes is at our core. We invest heavily in certifying our team in our partner portfolios to ensure we are tooled to deliver expert advice.

We engage our partners based on industry-leading tech solutions and complementary expertise that will encourage best practice across the SAP platform.

Best names in technology
Partner Portfolio

We’re proud of our partner portfolio

We work hard to establish powerful alliances with our technology vendors and complementary solution partners for our SAP HANA landscapes.


“The best-run businesses run SAP.” Recognised as a world leader in business-critical applications, championing security, integration and innovation to deliver software for enterprises of all sizes across the globe.

Microsoft Azure

A market leader for SAP workloads, we are certified to run your mission-critical applications in Azure. In addition you are guaranteed world-class security, along with the performance, scale and business continuity required for enterprise today.

Red Hat

Red Hat’s SAP Solution offers a reliable OS foundation for SAP that delivers stability, performance, security and availability at scale.


SUSE’s leading OS underpins the consistency and performance of SAP-based services. With a forward thinking, cutting edge ethos, SUSE pride themselves on reduced down times and optimised performance.

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies are uniquely placed in the SAP HANA world. They have a rapidly growing portfolio of SAP HANA certified systems including both HANA appliances and HANA-certified enterprise storage solutions.

With the emphasis on SAP expertise spanning our entire partner network, all our partnerships are built on the foundation of delivering innovation and convenience for our customers.

Strategic alliances

Strategic alliances

Our strategic partners are experts in their own fields, complementing our technical and service portfolio and enabling us to offer customers an end-to-end experience within one commercial engagement.

We work closely with a carefully selected group of like-minded organisations, who provide thought leadership within their space and deliver best practice as standard.

We have successfully delivered a number of complex projects working as one extended team, and are proud of the joint propositions we bring to the market, enabling more innovation and convenience for our customers.

The Config Team
Blue Chip

The Config Team

Experts in the design and implementation of intelligent SAP supply chain solutions.


Expert hardware maintenance partner spanning specialist HANA appliances associated storage services.


Experts in applying Azure Data & AI services to accelerate SAP digital transformations for large complex global enterprises.
Microsoft Azure for SAP

Why Microsoft Azure for SAP?

Azure offers a best in class solution to optimise your ERP with SAP-certified infrastructure, world class security, flexibility and scalability.

Azure has been officially stamped as the preferred offering for SAP workloads, underscored by SAP and Microsoft’s project ‘Embrace’ announcement, which further strengthens their partnership to accelerate and modernise customer journeys to the Cloud.

Microsoft Azure for SAP

Working in partnership

We are easy to work with, and build solid relationships with proven specialists to develop expert strategic alliances. Our engagement model is based on three key principles.



All successful relationships are founded on great communication, understanding and trust.



We work closely to bridge our skills and expertise to enable real innovation and accelerate change for our customers.



Transparency and understanding allow us to be the safe pair of hands for all your business goals.


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