SAP Business One: Applying Enterprise Skills to Small/Medium Business

Posted by Matt Jones

SAP Business One

SAP Infrastructure experts

For 20 years, Centiq has been providing expertise and insight to enterprise customers around their IT infrastructure – since 2008, the focus has mainly been around SAP.

We look after hundreds of mission-critical SAP HANA instances in some of the largest enterprise customers in the world – Unilever, Walgreens Boots Alliance and Diageo are just 3 of our customers.

Enterprise-grade SAP HANA toolsets

SAP HANA is ingrained in our business; we’ve developed our own bespoke enterprise-grade toolset and methodology to codify our knowledge and continually improve our service levels across the HW, OS and DB layers of the SAP HANA support stack.

With the growth of SAP HANA within the SMB space lead by SAP Business One, we decided to look at how we could apply our in-depth knowledge of management, maintenance and optimisation of SAP HANA and SUSE Linux for SAP Business One customers in the SMB marketplace.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One (SAP B1) has traditionally been platformed on a SQL database hosted in a Windows environment. With SAP’s shift to SAP HANA as the preferred database for SAP Business One, which is only available on Linux, this has left a skills gap for many in the SAP B1 partner community.

The SAP B1 Conundrum

This conundrum for B1 partners leaves them exposed on three fronts – managing the majority of their legacy customers who remain on SQL/Windows, servicing the demand for new B1 implementation on SAP HANA and migrating those legacy customers who have a requirement to migrate to the new SAP HANA platform and take advantage of its features and benefits.

Reskilling a technical support team

Reskilling a technical support/implementation team is a costly and time-consuming endeavour. The challenge for SAP B1 partners is how to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively deploy SAP HANA for new and existing customers without having to go through a painful process of internal uncertainty of this new SAP HANA platform and it’s unique set of challenges that it presents.

A technical partner

As a technical partner, Centiq is unique in its ability to solve this pain by providing a SAP HANA Platform-as-a-Service hosted in the public cloud on AWS in their UK-based data centres without the headache of competing with SAP B1 partners for implementation/configuration services. This PaaS offering is highly available, resilient against disaster, certified by SAP for use with Business One and available in cost-per-user consumption.

2018 SMB Innovation Summit

We will be attending the 2018 SMB Innovation Summit this year.

11th/12th April Barcelona Stand: Partnered with SUSE’s stand

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