Centiq Retail 2.5 Series Episode 01 The Future Of Retail

The Retail Series: 1 The future of Retail 2.5

Welcome to the Retail video series

We enlisted a Tech Retail expert- Jon Weg, CIO to discuss with Matt Lovell (CEO at Centiq) the current landscape facing companies and how they pivot to adapt, adopt and change.
In the past few months, we have observed how we use technology, has transformed and changed from how people shophow retailers sell, and the roles of every employee in the retail industry.

Watch the series below to gather deep insights into the changing landscape, the challenges and solutions for retailers.

Retail 2.0’ was widely acknowledged in 2019 as being about providing meaningful consumer experiences and building lasting relationships.  Consumers were becoming connected, increasingly influenced by peer recommendations and conducting their own research (digitally).  They were loyal to their own needs and not brands.
The impacts of COVID-19 have magnified any shortcomings in business models, processes and systems.
Jon Weg, CTO & Digital Transformation Leader.

In April, 2 months into lockdown, Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella said that we had witnessed 2 years of transformation in just 2 months.  This rate of transformation has continued throughout lockdown as more and more businesses and individuals from all generations become more comfortable in leveraging technology in the cloud.  It’s now more like 5 years of transformation in just 5 months.

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