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CIO’s top agenda items

Working with numerous CIO’s and technology leaders we’ve found that their top agenda items tend to fall into three major areas


No organisation wants to be in the news for a data breach or cyber attack. Among all of a CIO’s challenges, this has the potential to majorly harm a business, perhaps even with legal implications.


Your infrastructure is only as good as you make it. Migrating to a new platform with a lift ‘n’ shift approach will undoubtedly restrict you from the fast and agile landscape you planned for. When processes stay the same as your previous platform set up, the potential for downtime will become higher. This means your IT team will continue to firefight. CIO’s ultimately face an increase in mistrust and frustration from customers, as services begin to fail.


While security and uptime are two main drivers, the cost is still a significant factor in most enterprises, sometimes running into billions of dollars. Many CIO’s face a common challenge of “Doing more with less”. They also look to embrace new capabilities, while simultaneously reducing operational expenses.

Transforming your cloud migration into a success

When used effectively, the cloud brings great benefits. By transforming processes to suit a newly implemented cloud platform, whether it is Microsoft Azure or AWS, CIO’s and IT teams benefit from a quick and agile landscape. Costs are reduced, as platform fire fighting turns to a proactive outlook and drives the ability to plan, rather than constantly manage. A proven successful style of working to harness this culture is by implementing a DevOps approach. DevOps allows teams to work cross-functionally with other teams, developing automated processes across infrastructure for agility.

Reducing downtime and delivering success – This is our Passion

Helping our customers to build a cloud infrastructure, successfully, with as little downtime as possible is our passion. We want your infrastructure to work around you. Developing efficient processes that work for your IT team, your business strategy and most importantly, your customers. If you’re interested to find out more, whether it’s choice of vendor, or how to define your journey going forwards, reach our to us. We are more than happy to help.