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Over the last few weeks, I have been involved in some really interesting conversations around customer challenges as we all try to navigate the uncertainty and post-event strategies we will all need to work through and be thinking differently about.

Centiq staff, like so many up and down the country, have continued to support our Customers, some under immense workload pressures, others working on survival and some completely reviewing their business models. 

Centiq’s agile approach and flexibility has enabled us as a business to respond really quickly to meet these many and varied challenges. It is clear that very few customers believe the marketplace or world they previously knew or supported will be the same again. For many, Coronavirus has prompted a strategic review of offices, processes, people, how technology transforms their business and the customer experiences they need to deliver. Like the Coronavirus spread itself, the lasting change and impact will be unprecedented.

These challenges also offer us opportunities to think and work differently, digitally.

The migration to cloud, coupled with lean design and rapid migrations offer your business an immediate and proven low-risk approach to SAP cost optimisation whilst delivering the agile business benefits.

discovery assessment sap on azure

To help customers where we can, Centiq is offering funded* (free with no obligation) Discovery Assessment workshops to help you and your business to consider more agile, cost-effective and responsive SAP on Azure solutions. From this, you will receive a detailed report and high-level plan on how a transition or transformation of your SAP systems could be delivered.
We can do this quickly, with low or no downtime or business interruptions to drive increased SAP agility, cost optimisation and flexibility for the future, whatever this holds for us all.

And we can do all of this remotely! Please remember it is more than the transition project as we also offer a wide range of subscription-based models to operate these migrated solutions to our customers, providing true flexibility when your business needs it, now and in the future. 

SAP on Azure discovery assessment details

We are all looking out for one another right now, but it is important to remember that we will get through this and we need to be thinking about how we rebuild.
This is a great inflection point to consider how SAP can better support your business in the future. The need to engage, sell, deliver, support and change your business with more flexibility, speed, agility and at lower cost and risk has never been so critical.

We appreciate these are challenging times and hope this funded assessment can help kick start your planning around SAP innovation, driving improvements and ensuring your business is ready for whatever the future has in store.


More details and to apply.

*We will provide a funded assessment for all companies who qualify the criteria to carry out a detailed assessment.