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Utilising your options

Reasons to Automate

Automation drives increased productivity, consistency, responsiveness, quality, compliance, flexibility and reduced costs. So why won’t you automate?
It’s true some processes simply are not cost-effective to automate or they become to the complex in the nature of reactions, feedback and inputs to be managed without intervention.

The flavours of process automation

Process Automation comes in many flavours from robotic (RPA), Business (BPA), Database (DBA), Workflow (WPA), Business Rules (BRA), Machine (MPA), Code (CPA) and Artificial Intelligence to name a few.

With organisational processes embedded both across organisations as well as eco-systems and supply chains, knowing where to begin to drive the greatest success and value can be really difficult. This step definitely cannot be automated – Yet !!

Starting with the priority

Back to the top and the problem you are trying to solve as the priority. Other aspects may well become benefits which are important to consider.

Using Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle we can quickly establish why we should start at the defined point and why this is the most important and valuable automation problem to solve.

Once the automation benefits cascade within an organisation, organisations naturally accelerate adoption to realise further benefits, customer satisfaction and growth. Many of the benefits are interconnected but focus on simplifying and codifying processes which underpin organisational effectiveness, service and operations but seek to maintain customer intimacy and satisfaction.

Automation systems are always learning

Unlike the next available operative, automation systems are always learning which can be a significant and often overlooked advantage to the customer experience. Let’s get to the problem and resolve it faster – and integrate this to a more proactive and preventative service experience.

our services at Centiq the methodology

Managing the many business processes

Many organisations have 1,000’s of business processes as well as workflows for data reporting and exchange between different applications and systems, often built up and evolved over many years.

The need to accelerate one or more of the automation attributes can be a compelling event to migrate to SAP S/4 HANA.

This not only simplifies and consolidates the data exchange and application interfaces into one converged architecture, but it also enables organisations to automate and orchestrate at new levels.

Significant business time is often associated with data loads and processing between systems to report, replenish, optimise logistics and fulfilment as well as resolve issues as quickly as possible. And organisations seek to enable this to happen as seamlessly and efficiently as possible.

The how

Understanding where to start with automating processes can be overwhelming, but having a trusted partner to guide you can take the weight off.
At Centiq, we’ve been automating processes for a while now, both for ourselves and our customers.
It’s incredible how much time it’s saved overall and has allowed us to work more on innovation, than working reactively to fix things.
If you’d like to understand more, then please do get in touch.

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