Furute Disruption is a Certainity - The Power of Innovation

By Matt Lovell

03 August 2018

It’s about creating significant positive change.

The demand for new skills for Digital Transformation

To innovate and evolve, organisations have to achieve significant transformation, continually and faster. Whilst companies such as Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, TenCent and others are often heralded for their pace on innovation and change despite being large organisations, much of this change relates to testing, feedback loops and evolution of products and services.

Digital transformations demand new skills such as agile, product development, BizDevOps as well as technology. We have seen transformation impact all aspects of our lives from the High Street to Education, Financial Services to Healthcare, Sports to Transportation.

What even is the definition of Innovation?

Innovation means so many things to so many people – just ask your colleagues how they would define innovation and what it means to them? Without a shared definition, it can be hard to know where to focus finite organisational efforts and resources to greatest effect.

This is the first test, as Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle helps us Start with the Why? And Agile enables us to gain closer integration between and across our organisations to deliver, test, refine, integrate feedback and evolve. Shorter objectives and focal points will become the norm, in part enabled by Technology. But the greater challenge as we progress will become People and Trust.

Breaking the problem down – Technology, People, or Process

SAP’s HANA and S/4 HANA can enable organisations to integrate multiple data sources, both SAP and Non SAP in real time to tell you so much more about what you and your customers are doing. But do you understand the Why? Breaking the problem down for most organisations can be a real challenge and never a one-time event.

The classic convergence of People, Process and Technology requires most organisations to really challenge existing, and often well-established SAP processes that have been refined over many years of business operation. It is imperative to challenge not just What and How you do something today but Why you do it.

Why must an organisation take all the existing processes to a new platform – Why can they not be automated? It is important to remember that Automation challenges People more than Process or Technology.

Answering to shorter problem solving, but quality results

Most customers want quick answers to increase the speed and effectiveness of their innovation and realise the results. After all, we now have shorter sprints and objectives, with greater visibility and greater emphasis on feedback and metrics to drive increased success and understanding.

Real-time analytics and data processing enable organisations when coupled with Process automation and the best Technology and Skills to achieve amazing things.

At Centiq, we support a large number of our Customer’s Digital Transformations. With deep learning, machine learning, our optimisation tools, an ever-growing repository of successful process automation sprints and deliverables and above all, People who continually think innovation and Why as a starting point, if you want to get there faster, you should be talking to us.

By Matt Lovell

03 August 2018