Hitting the Ground Running – My Centiq Placement

Let’s start at the beginning

If truth be told, as a student I am not the best at getting up early. A 6 am wake up for my first day of placement was quite a shock to the system; I’m lucky it’s summer really. Having already planned what I was going to wear I left myself plenty of time to grab breakfast and head to work. I even managed to get a lift with the CEO!

I was given a tour of the office, welcomed by many smiley faces and even managed to grab lunch from the ‘snap wagon’ before all the good stuff went – chicken and sweetcorn, I recommend.

Wrapping up day one

What a busy first day. I reviewed a customer support promotion article for a new launch being done by the company, and I also set up a new business profile and got the opportunity to develop some new banners for multiple blogs that appear on the website.

Even though it was only my first day, I got to use so much new software and work with many talented individuals from sales, marketing, HR and CRT.

I think it is fair to say, by the end of the day my brain had well and truly worked hard and deserved a lie down in a dark room.

Looking forward

Getting this kind of invaluable exposure is giving me chance to develop so many new skills. I have already learnt how to develop and edit pages on a website and how to use code to create pieces in line with the brand image.

I am very excited to see what the next few weeks hold and then what future opportunities this opens up for me. Wish me luck.