Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

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Posted by Matt Lovell

Whether your deployment is Microsoft Azure or On-premise, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) defines traditional infrastructure assets and connected processes as software through DevOps principles. Using IaC we can replace automated build scripts and manual processes to deliver:

  • Increased outcome and configuration deployment consistency and speed
  • Simplification, integrated quality testing and governance from request
  • Minimisation of risk and delays during provisioning, upgrades and updates
  • Use of Blue – Green deployments providing automated and faster rollback during updates
  • Accelerated development, testing and assurance cycles with automated testing for SAP
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership through lower provisioning costs and landscape management
  • Automated documentation and release management through DevOps principles
  • Reduced complexity and costs associated with Business Continuity delivered through IaC

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