SAP on Azure

Microsoft & Centiq CXO Series: Episode 2

Welcome to the series of videos from Microsoft and Centiq

Each month we welcome a key member of the Microsoft strategic team for SAP on Azure to discuss topics that allow you to gain direct insights on how best to optimise your SAP on Azure journey.

Episode 2 in our series casts a lens on the Manufacturing and Resources industry, joined by Microsoft's Lee Welch we discuss how Azure and its complementary ecosystem can bring real business value as organisations continue to innovate post-pandemic.

Lee Welch is an Azure Solutions Manager at Microsoft UK, empowering Manufacturing & Resources customers to achieve more leveraging the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud. He leads a team of 10+ Azure Solution Specialists with expertise in cloud transformations across infrastructure, data & AI and App Modernisation focused on strategic customers in the energy, manufacturing & life science/pharma sectors.

Lee has worked within the technology industry for over 25 years for leading companies such as SAP, HPE, Dell EMC & HP in all aspects of sales and business including customer sales, partner management, business development, sales leadership & international assignments. Lee has a passion for technology and believes that intelligence will reinvent industries, change business forever and ultimately make societies better & improving peoples lives along the way.

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