Optimising Digital Transformation Using IaC

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Digital transformation is not a switch that companies can flip and modernize their business processes overnight; it is a journey that requires a well-planned roadmap to be successful.

Most often, the road to digital transformation is a tangled web of choices and cumbersome processes, taking up months or years to accomplish. At the same time, one cannot just invest in a bunch of software, implement that, and call themselves ‘digital.’

More than a technology initiative, digital transformation is a metamorphosis of an enterprise’s antiquated operational framework. Time and again, companies find the gap between their technology and business objectives to be the biggest hurdle in their digital roadmap.
So how can a company wade through these hurdles to implement best-of-breed cloud technologies? UK-based Centiq takes a unique approach to help overcome the obstacles of a digitally-transforming IT company.

“We make use of Infrastructure as Code (IaC), combining it with our consulting services, to effectively migrate your SAP HANA applications to cloud,” says Robin Webster, CTO of Centiq. The modus operandi is to unify people, processes, and technology to deliver SAP rapidly, reliably, and at scale.

Most organizations, today, are seeking ways to leverage the benefits of SAP HANA, S/4HANA, and cloud services. Centiq helps such companies attain successful outcomes through a combination of their cloud proficiency and industry best practices. With Centiq’s unparalleled SAP HANA and IaC expertise, the company is best-suited to assist clients in achieving smarter infrastructure results. Centiq utilizes a unique services —methodology to help migrate a company’s existing SAP HANA platform to cloud and scale their business seamlessly.

“We embark on a company’s digital transformation journey only after acquiring a clear picture of the enterprise’s business vision,” explains Webster.

Once the company’s requirements have been precisely laid out, Centiq implements its ‘build and run’ phases to ensure success at every stage of the SAP HANA migration lifecycle. However, what distinguishes Centiq’s approach from any other SAP solution provider is its ability to automate the digital transformation process designed in code, by leveraging IaC.

“While not just the initial migration, our IaC stratagem drives continuous maintenance of SAP HANA on the cloud while delivering constant updates,” informs Webster.

Having been in the IT infrastructure industry for more than 20 years, Centiq implements agile ways of working with customers. To highlight the efficacy of Centiq’s offerings, Webster cites a case scenario where his company resolved a large water utility company’s organizational inefficiencies by moving their SAP solutions to the cloud. Initially, the customer was unable to govern their SAP infrastructure efficiently as it was manually managed through the company’s on-premise, clustered hardware systems. To alleviate this setback, Centiq utilized their IaC approach to migrate the SAP solutions to the cloud, while systematizing all the manual tasks and facilitating the governance of critical operational systems on the cloud. As a result, the client was able to minimize costs, save man-hours, and mitigate the risks of manually managing the SAP solutions, thereby improving their business outcomes.

Looking ahead, Centiq aims to broaden its service portfolio for SAP. To achieve this, Centiq is using Linux operating systems in order to seamlessly run the largest SAP HANA workloads on Microsoft Azure. To conclude, Webster reiterates Centiq’s core message,

“We are constantly pushing toward providing a cloud service that is not only focused on facilitating quick benefits to a client, but ensuring long-term profitability and sustainability.”

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