Our Expert Team: Meet our Head of Managed Services, Haley Heath

Over the next few months, we will be giving you a closer look at the individuals who drive our business.

Position: Head of Managed Services
Name: Haley Heath

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I’ve been working in technical support for over 15 years now, covering a wide variety of technologies and industries. My first IT role was based in Aberdeen on a Service Desk after moving there with my husband. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some very talented people over the years, but one manager had faith in my abilities and helped me on the path to becoming a senior manager in tech. She helped build my confidence, mentored me in service quality, service delivery, and most importantly supporting others on similar journeys. Coaching and mentoring others became a big part of my day to day role and as a result I found that I had a passion for people management and development. When a temporary management opportunity became available, I was given a chance to prove myself and I’ve never looked back. My husband and I enjoyed a further 6 years in Aberdeen. We picked up an appetite for Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, acquired a whippet called Harris and enjoyed the most beautiful walks round the Cairngorms, before moving back to Nottinghamshire.

What Motivates you?
There are a number of things that motivate me, but the one that truly lights a spark is the opportunity I get to grow and nurture talent. As mentioned, a previous Manager saw something in me and supported my journey to where I am today. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to offer the same support and guidance to others. Seeing the impact my team have on our business and our customer journeys through empowerment, a focus on personal development and an open and honest team dynamic, further cements that development of the people who work for me is crucial. Without talented and motivated people we can’t provide the services to our customers that they rely on. This is why it is so important to develop and invest continually. These shouldn’t be a one off, or tick box exercises. It’s something that needs to be ingrained in your company culture – part of your business’ DNA. There is a big focus here at Centiq on personal development. I fully support this initiative and really enjoy seeing people grow into experts in their field.

Another motivator for me, is when our solutions/services bring stand out, tangible business benefits. Whether that be a more insightful view on customer data enabling a focused go to market and increased engagement or the speed an order can be processed and dispatched when functional SAP applications are maximised.

It’s these outcomes that set Centiq apart from our competition. We aim to understand your business and its objectives from our pre-sales engagement and will strive to deliver them throughout our commitment. The exciting time for my team is during the review stage and hearing how we have made a difference and the value that’s brought to the organisation.

What is your job at Centiq?
I have recently been appointed as Centiq’s Head of Managed Services, this is a role I am eager to embrace. In a normal day, I can be involved with resource management, customer reviews to ensure we maintain our high levels of service and strategic planning for our future growth. I have been working with the members of the Centiq Round Table (Centiq’s leadership forum) to further develop our business strategy with a focus on redefining our managed service offerings. One of the first things I noticed here is the strong relationships we have nurtured between our customers and our employees. The Centiq team are seen as an extension of their own. The level of trust and partnership is really great to observe. This is rooted in our employee core values,  ‘be honest, help the customer to delight their customer’ and is something I’m keen to build upon.

I have invested time in getting to know each individual in my teams and how they operate. I have been accepted quickly into the well-established team and felt immediately that I was contributing to the successes that we have on a daily basis both large and small. I am surrounded by some of the most talented and technically capable people I have ever had the pleasure of working with and look forward to our future.

What’s next?
We are always focused on improving what we offer to our customers, by making sure we are at the forefront of cutting edge technology. We are building on established foundations such as our ISO27001 and technology certifications, which is an increasing challenge with the rate of technology advancement. We have a number of initiatives planned in the coming months which include the creation of a customer success team, customer engagement workshops and Expert Knowledge Share sessions, focusing on process improvements.

Stay tuned for future instalments.