Part 2: Installation of the BW/4HANA Starter Add-on

By Claire Richards

02 January 2017


Although this blog is aimed primarily at Basis consultants interested in performing the BW/4HANA Starter Add-On installation activities, it is also intended to appeal to a range of SAP consultants and customers interesting in getting a better understanding of the steps and effort involved in undertaking such activities. Having said that, this is a more technically focused blog but I do not give step by step explanations on basic tasks such as unpacking SAR files and loading them into SAP. Instead I try to offer some insight into unexpected issues and challenges that came up during the installation of the Add-On, so that you might avoid some of these pitfalls or at least be prepared for them when you come to perform your own installation of the BW/4HANA Starter Add-On.

Setting the Scene

Our BW system has undergone several significant changes prior to this migration project, including… Migration from Sybase ASE to HANA. Migration from on premise IBM Power hardware into the cloud onto an AWS instance. Additional scale out nodes installed and configured.

This blog is the second of a three part series documenting the steps from BW 7.4 to BW/4HANA which includes: Version upgrade of BW 7.4 to 7.5 (Blog Part 1:) Installation of the BW/4HANA starter Add-on (Blog Part 2) Running the conversion process to deliver a BW/4HANA system (Blog Part 3)

Installation of the BW/4HANA Starter Add-on (Blog Part 2)
I will cover the following areas in part 2 of this blog series… About the BW/4HANA Starter Add-On Before installing the BW/4HANA Starter Add-On Downloading the Add-On Generating the stack xml file Installing the BW/4HANA Starter Add-On

About the BW/4HANA Starter Add-On

Applying the BW/4HANA Starter Add-on is just one route to a BW/4HANA system. Several blogs have been written detailing the paths to BW/4HANA. Rather than simply repeating this information I have instead provided a couple of links that may be of interest to those looking into taking this next step…

There is also a very good (and free!) “BW/4HANA in a nutshell” course available from Open SAP which covers the migration options in a good level of detail…

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By Claire Richards

02 January 2017