Platform as Code (PaC)

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Posted by Matt Lovell

Enabling a platform through code provides our customers with a fully functioning and supported solution which evolves with your business. Customers need an agile approach which accelerates change and innovation starting with Development and Test SAP services.

Our DevOps based approach embeds and helps customer realise:

  • Rapid provisioning and re-provisioning of SAP Development environments
  • HANA database sizing and definition through our HANA Foundation Services
  • Simplification, integrated quality testing and governance from request
  • Minimisation of risk and delays during provisioning, upgrades and updates
  • Use of Blue – Green deployments providing automated and faster rollback during updates
  • Accelerated development, testing and assurance cycles with automated testing for SAP
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership through lower provisioning costs and landscape management
  • Automated documentation and release management through DevOps principles
  • Reduced complexity and costs associated with Business Continuity delivered through Infrastructure as Code (IaC).