Retail Series: Episode 03 The Human Touch

The Retail Series: 3 The human touch

Welcome to the Retail video series

We enlisted a Tech Retail expert- Jon Weg, CIO to discuss with Matt Lovell (CEO at Centiq) the current landscape facing companies and how they pivot to adapt, adopt and change.
In the past few months, we have observed how we use technology, has transformed and changed from how people shophow retailers sell, and the roles of every employee in the retail industry.

Watch the series below to gather deep insights into the changing landscape, the challenges and solutions for retailers. The importance of creating personable customer experiences.


Brands that have direct selling channels and are used to the personal engagement of their consultants with consumers have seen strong engagement levels.  Retailers that have an eCommerce have likely seen much greater uptake in sales through this channel but can they now link their customer with the one who used to buy in their bricks and mortar stores.  To enable them to ensure they are providing relevant and useful information on their next purchases. 

Retailers who have implemented the technology but are simply using it to delegate HQ generated actions to the in-store teams and missing the opportunities.  Those seeing the best results have used this technology to empower their sales associates, giving them real-time data and next best purchase recommendations (through AI), to be able to act and deliver exceptional levels of service. Delivering the human touch.

Jon Weg, CTO & Digital Transformation Leader.

Next episode: 23rd Sept 20

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