Retail Series: Episode 04 A Different Partner Experience

The Retail Series: 4 A Different Partner Experience

Welcome to the Retail video series

We enlisted a Tech Retail expert- Jon Weg, CIO to discuss with Matt Lovell (CEO at Centiq) the current landscape facing companies and how they pivot to adapt, adopt and change.
In the past few months, we have observed how we use technology, has transformed and changed from how people shophow retailers sell, and the roles of every employee in the retail industry.

Watch the series below to gather deep insights into the changing landscape and the importance of working with the right partner.

As we’ve discussed in our previous conversations (see videos below), now more than ever, we face critical technology considerations. Partners should be delivering accelerated change and making that sustainable.

I strongly believe brands need to foster an ecosystem of partners to be successful in this highly complex digital world with ever new technologies which increasingly disrupt traditional businesses.

My experience in working with partners like Centiq is that key success criteria are:

  • Deeply skilled experts
  • Focusing on solving the client’s issues
  • Remaining flexible and inventive whilst being realistic on what is achievable and sustainable
  • A collaborative approach, supporting and educating the client’s technology teams so that it creates an innovative and engaging experience for all parties.  
  • And of course, given the current climate, the ability to be commercially creative is important

In my opinion the most successful partners will be those that achieve all of these elements.

Jon Weg, CTO & Digital Transformation Leader.