road going into sunset (Running to an End – My Centiq Placement by Amber Lovell)

Running to an End – My Centiq Placement by Amber Lovell

This is Blog #2 and once again I can’t guarantee quality, but I have tried to offer some comedic effect.


So I survived, and if I may say so myself, I thrived too.

Having now come to the end of my work experience at Centiq, I have many things to take away from this, including having a new favorite snapwagon lunch item; Tuna Salad Pot. Food remains high on my motivators.

I now have a list as long as my arm (My longer arm. They are different lengths. It’s a long story) of software and web programs that I have used during my time here. These include WordPress, Hootsuite, Snappa, Google Analytics, Crazy Egg (funny name I know, definitely isn’t what you expect), and Jenkins.

What did I actually do?

Getting the opportunity to work for Centiq has given me access to many invaluable experiences. During my placement, I have had the chance to help promote and organise the companies Experts Forum’s in Leeds and London and there I met SAP experts from lots of different companies.

I’ve also had the chance to meet and liaise with a Web Design Agency, working to ensure that the new website development is produced in line with our company’s mission and vision whilst ensuring these are communicated appropriately to customers on multiple levels.

I have also been in several meetings with our PR agency and got to see how their activities raise customer awareness surrounding various events, campaigns and projects.

I only now appreciate just how much work goes into understanding consumer behaviour in order for Marketing to target the right customers and get their message across and continue influencing. This even goes up to the level of knowledge of when people get up to do their morning bathroom visit and check their phones. Apparently, it’s 6:30 am, but I can’t say I am part of that group or aspire to be.

My experience has also given me the chance to work for the Head of HR. I conducted a customer satisfaction survey report that was presented to the Board. I also got to get an insight into the Finance department and got to see how invoices, workflows and finances were managed.

Some Thank Yous

To wrap up my experience I would say it has been hugely insightful and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have had the opportunity to apply theory I have been studying to real-world business scenarios and got to work with some incredible people.

I now appreciate the difference the people, culture and environment have on a workplace and a company and I am proud to have been part of it, even for a short time. I hope this is an experience that will open doors for me and help me in pursuing my future career path.

All that remains is for me to thank Centiq for giving me this opportunity and it is great that I get to leave my mark with these blogs