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Sustaining SAP and Cloud Transformation with SAP Managed Services

For any big migration, go-live or launch there's a typical pattern of effort. That is: plenty of upfront investment and focus, then this tends to diminish once the project has been delivered. The team's worked flat out and the bulk of the work is "done", right? It's a story we see time and time again when it comes to SAP migrations to the cloud.

The truth is, migration of your SAP landscape is just the beginning of an iterative process of optimisation. Experts estimate that successful deployment of Managed Services will help reduce IT cost by 25-45 percent. It will also increase operational efficiency by 45-65 percent.

So, here's why you need modern SAP Managed Services to help you navigate your journey towards sustainable success.

Reduce the burden on IT teams

With third-party Managed Services, you get an all-hands-on-deck response to any unexpected issues that come up as you settle into your new SAP on Azure home. Acting as a first-level defence for your business-critical systems, your Managed Service provider will ease the burden on your internal team allowing them to focus on innovation and driving value from your cloud investment. 

Choose expertise 

When you're thinking about SAP Managed Services, consider the relationship you want to have with your provider. There's a massive difference between, 'call us when you need us' levels of support, and a strategic SAP engagement with an agile approach to ongoing optimisation. Maintenance might come at the "end" of your migration roadmap, but it shouldn't be at the bottom of your list of priorities.

So, what does great Managed Service look like? Do you want to submit tickets to an anonymised support system with a standard Managed Service provider? Or do you want dedicated experts that operate as an extension of your own team? Experts who have industry-leading experience with both SAP and Microsoft and who engage proactively with your team, identifying potential issues ahead of any impact and who deliver solutions using 'Smart' services built on service automation principles that ensure minimal downtime and disruption to the business.

We know which option we'd go for.

Continuous improvement with SAP Managed Services

The cloud is ever-evolving. Of course, it's built for agility. But, the challenge lies with organisations to keep on top of these updates and new features to maximise cloud adoption goals. Centiq's Managed Service portfolio is designed to embrace modernisation will help you maintain this newfound flexibility while keeping costs optimised.

'As more than half the global economy turns digital by 2023, a new species of enterprise will be required to compete and thrive [...] by accelerating investments in key technologies and new operating models to become hyperspeed, hyperscaled, and hyperconnected.'

— Frank Gens, Senior Vice President and Chief Analyst at IDC

To sustain the benefits of the cloud, you need a culture of continuous improvement. That's why we have developed an operating model focussed on continuous improvement, aligning with the capabilities offered by SAP on Azure to improve stability and responsiveness within your business. This comes from a core belief within our team that modernisation isn't a goal. It's a mindset.

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