SAP on Azure

By Dorota Gibiino

20 March 2019

Transforming your business with SAP HANA on Azure

Improve stability, reliability, and performance

Although today’s users benefit from running SAP solutions on other databases, by 2025, all SAP programmes will need to run on the HANA database. This requires significant planning. To minimise disruption and risk, start planning your migration strategy as soon as possible.

Free up time to innovate, with HANA migration services from Centiq

With unparalleled SAP HANA expertise, Centiq partners with Microsoft to offer expert managed migration services to Azure. By combining expert consultancy, DevOps, and our Optiq HANA management tools, we make your cloud journey smoother; freeing you up to focus on
digital transformation.

Scale with your business needs on Azure

As for today’s most comprehensive and flexible cloud platform, Azure is able to accommodate even the largest SAP HANA workloads. Build, test, and deploy securely, with an industry-leading performance that scales as your business’s needs grow.

The Centiq Customer Journey:

Strategic Planning – Develop the mission and plan, including any necessary refinement of your business objectives.

Enterprise Engineering – Improve processes and develop requirements. By updating enterprise architecture and identifying projects, we guarantee enterprise-level consistency at all times.

Enterprise Planning – Enables us to analyse acquisition alternatives and prepare your business case. We prioritise and select projects, planning for any required transitions.

Project Migration – From business process engineering to infrastructure development, we analyse your requirements and execute software development and system integration.

Enterprise Integration – We train pilot users and staff, test your systems and evaluate security.

Optimal Operations – After implementing processes, we train users and deploy production systems. You get expert support along with valuable operational data.

Continuous Evaluation – Validating your cost benefits by analysing user feedback. We utilise predictions to identify improvements on an ongoing basis.

Management Oversight – Managing your risks, cost, scheduling, and resources. We take care of your contracts and review products and outcomes, helping you improve.

Technical Oversight – When it comes to your technical processes and products, our independent reviews and technology forecasts evaluate where you are today and how to optimise tomorrow.

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Centiq Transforming Your Business With SAP HANA on Azure

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By Dorota Gibiino

20 March 2019