PoC diagram (SAP on Azure PoC)

SAP on Azure PoC

You recognise the benefits of Azure but feel the need to complete a little more due diligence before committing to a full production workload migration. Or perhaps you are convinced you have a workload that fits Azure, but you want to demonstrate to the non-believers that it can be done!

Our SAP on Microsoft Azure Proof of Concept (POC) will provide assurance that the Azure platform will provide the security, performance, and resiliency that your business demands.

Whether deploying greenfield projects or migrating existing solutions, your first SAP on Azure project will be daunting. You may have concerns around performance, security or both. If running HANA for the first time, Linux may also be a new edition to your SAP Enterprise. Please download for more details.

Reduce the risk of deploying SAP in Azure by running a proof of concept project with Centiq.
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SAP on Azure PoC