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SAP Transformation with SUSE [video]


SUSE for SAP HANA: Offering stability, security, and a range of features well suited to SAP landscapes. So, what might determine a reason for a change?


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Thought Leaders in this recording – Centiq’s CEO Matt Lovell, Alan Clarke- SAP Alliances Director EMEA North for SUSE and Matt Eckersall- SUSE Regional Director EMEA North.


Spurred on by the recent dynamic changes in the marketplace businesses are looking for the agility and flexibility that a cloud-based infrastructure can offer. We see a number of SAP customers considering a move to a hyperscaler platform, desiring the benefits that can bring. This however also opens up discussion around your SAP HANA OS and considerations around how you need to adopt your operating model and policies to enable the true power of the cloud.


Considering the move


Considerations around clustering, OS backups, license mobility, management of updates, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to name a few, will be high on the agenda when considering a migration, but most important is how your Operating Model will adapt in the cloud as you leverage and update your OS footprint.


SUSE boasts some key benefits for customers considering a cloud migration.


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