how to simplify your SAP migration strategy

How to simplify your SAP migration strategy

Are you struggling with the complexity of your SAP migration strategy?

We don't blame you. Migrating your business-critical systems can be overwhelming, and there is no room for error.

However, taking this pain away for organisations looking to migrate or transform their SAP platform is what we specialise in.

Let's talk you through a few areas worth thinking about if you are considering where to start on your digital transformation journey.

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Consider all migration options sooner

Depending on your SAP footprint, migrations can take months of planning and a considerable amount of time to deliver.

There may be a number of instances such as contractual exits, end of life licensing, or hardware refreshes that act as great inflection points to kick start your journey. But, planning to meet these inflection point deadlines needs to be done in advance or you may be left in a position where options become somewhat limited. This is especially true when timescales do not align with contractual obligations.

HEC exit, or 'HEXIT' as we like to refer to it, is a prime example of this. You may be planning on exiting the HANA Enterprise Cloud but you haven't predicted the amount of time the HEXIT process may take.

Your commercial obligation to SAP can then creep up on you before you have fully mapped out your desired migration route. Potentially this limits your options to a SAP solution, such as RISE, which may not be the best option for your organisation to meet its desired business outcomes.

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Ensure you are fully informed

Yes, RISE can look appealing - it’s recommended by SAP, after all. However, it isn’t the ideal route for every company.

There are a wealth of SAP migration options available to you and understanding what's going to work best for your business can be a conundrum.

As a specialist partner, we can help you break down that conundrum and give you parity on options. We leverage our real-life customer experiences to advise you on the best way forward. SAP Rise, S/4HANA transformation, simplifying ECC for Azure, HEXIT or a traditional Lift and Shift - are all options where we can provide an informed opinion.

Our priority is to understand your business's goals, accelerate them, deliver a successful project driving value from your SAP investment, and then sustain that success over time. Agreeing on the right migration strategy from the start is key to that success.

Simplify your SAP migration

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’ — Leonardo da Vinci.

SAP transformation doesn't need to be complex.

Involving a specialist partner from the planning stage can help simply your migration plans and also guide you on the best migration route for your business.

We can help you understand where you are today, where you want to be in the future, and which option will get you there fastest. We will also provide recommendations to optimise costs and ensure the changes implemented meet the requirements of the business.

Take your first steps today with our Discovery Assessment or Transformation Roadmap.

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