Centiq Cuts Costs and Boosts Agility with the Charity, ASTRiiD

Centiq works in a fast-paced, technical industry, where we must be agile and respond quickly to requests and projects. The previous legal advice wasn’t quite keeping up with our requirements until we came across ASTRiiD. ASTRiiD is a brilliant charity, that has a large pool of people with excellent talent and expertise but of who may not be able to work full-time due to an illness or on-going medical treatment. The charity provides a purpose and financial support for people who are unable to work full-time and excellent talent for companies who need expertise quickly and effectively. More about ASTRiiD

Check out the case study below to read our tales combined to deliver successful results.

ASTRiiD and Centiq success story

To find out more about ASTRiiD, take a look at their website, or get in touch with Centiq to find out more.

Watch the interview with Matt Lovell and Stephen Shutts HERE