Understanding SAP HANA - The Centiq State of SAP HANA 2018

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The Centiq State of SAP HANA 2018 Report

The Centiq State of SAP HANA 2018 is the key to understanding the drivers for change and innovation for SAP HANA.

For over 7 years, Centiq have been working with customers who use SAP HANA to help design, deploy and optimise the platform. Having researched and released a report on Debunking the Three Myths of HANA, 12 months later we’ve been looking at how SAP HANA has changed for users within a variety of industries.

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Whilst working on The Centiq State of SAP HANA 2018, we uncovered how SAP HANA users currently feel using the platform. The study concentrates on 250 UK organisations, ranging from 1,001 employees, to over 10,000 employees. All have SAP HANA licenses and either use the platform, or are looking to deploy in the near future.

The Centiq State of SAP HANA 2018 report looks into:

  • The reasons behind the investment of SAP HANA
  • The timings of deploying the platform
  • Skills required during the design, deployment and management of SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA’s likeliness of living in the public cloud
  • The biggest influences of choosing SAP HANA as a platform
  • Business innovation drivers
  • Roadmaps and the reasons for decisions made

Knowledge is key. Understand the thought-processes and decisions of 250 UK organisations with SAP HANA licenses. Click the link below to understand what organisations just like yours are thinking in the SAP HANA world.

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