SAP HANA Capacity Planning | We're going to need a bigger boat!

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SAP HANA Capacity Planning

Robin Webster, Centiq’s CTO, has been working with SAP HANA databases since 2011.

Having spent many years, with his team, managing and supporting SAP HANA databases, they have learnt a great deal about capacity challenges on the SAP HANA system.

Optimising SAP HANA

As SAP HANA users move through the road map of define, design, build and run, more organisations are starting to build a business case for moving to the cloud, especially for maximum efficiency for memory and resources. The team have found that SAP HANA environments are greatly effected when data edges over the Global Allocation Limit (GAL). By managing memory, SAP HANA can maintain a faster working pace, creating a more agile environment.

Understanding SAP HANA user’s thoughts on moving to the cloud

Centiq researched the thoughts and movements of 247 SAP HANA users to understand their thoughts on the benefits of moving to the cloud. Download the report to understand the changes with SAP HANA over the last year.