What’s on the horizon?

Posted by Simon Radford

Making cloud the top priority is reported for ERP

When Microsoft recently released their Q3 2020 results, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, CEO Satya Nadella stated that they had “seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months”.   

COVID-19 is disrupting what’s on the horizon for businesses worldwide. These changing times demand unprecedented levels of agility and stability to survive and thrive. It comes as no surprise then that cloud computing is looming large in the mind of every CIO.  

A recent IDC survey found that 30% of IT leaders said that a “more aggressive cloud move” would be the top priority for their organizations long-term IT strategy. 26% said they were looking at more investment into DR, security and risk management. 24% also said they would be considering automation and real-time insights as priorities for the future. Centiq is excited to see these trends as we know how businesses can benefit from a cloud move combined with IaC and agile methodology. 

IDC Report Covid19

So how should IT leaders address these needs and how do you choose what’s right for your SAP estate? 

These trends are no coincidence, businesses are adopting cloud in order to produce the best customer experience possible and to stay competitive. Many organisations are using inflection points such as hardware refresh, hosting contracts expiring or migrations to S/4HANA to modernise their SAP platforms. It is absolutely crucial that the core ERP of your business keeps up with your digital transformation.  

One way to effectively take advantage of the cloud is to migrate SAP applications to Azure. SAP applications can be optimised by migrating directly to Azure.
This will not only allow organizations to benefit from all the best aspects of cloud but also provides a foundation to easily move to S/4HANA in the future if desired.   

Making the most of SAP cloud migrations 

We understand that the wealth of choice comes with some uncertainty, so we have launched Centiq’s funded Discovery Assessment for SAP on Azure which will help organisations understand how they can benefit from the cloud and infrastructure as code. We will also provide you with both Lean and Reference architecture examples to suit your cost model, giving you an idea of the total cost (TCO) of ownership of SAP on Azure for your business.  

Centiq lean vs reference architecture

We have world-leading expertise and proven experience working with both established and new customers to modernise their SAP platforms with Azure. Our customers benefit from our agile mindset, responsiveness and collaborative approach. We help our customers to realize tangible savings in the time and cost of their digital transformation.