products and pharmaceuticals - SAP HANA

Designing and delivering new clustered SAP HANA platforms, with a replicated Disaster Recovery solution

This global pharmaceuticals and consumer goods company was founded over 100 years ago in the UK and now span across 11 countries worldwide.

Consumer products and pharmaceuticals - SAP HANA

The challenge

With demand increasing, the company needed to be able to deliver stock control for the click and collect part of the business more efficiently. They also had a focus on consolidating financial results and historical stock positions. This would help further understanding of customer data and a potential to increase revenue.

Two employees in a meeting to discuss the challenge

The solution

SAP HANA systems for the back-end database were under demand, because of the SAP products selected. Each system had a high degree of complexity because each system was large enough to require a scale-out cluster. Neither the outsourcing partner or local support team had the skills in place to build or run the SAP HANA environment. Each system required a high degree of resilience and business continuity, whilst also sitting as a key to business success.

Centiq designed and delivered new clustered SAP HANA platforms with a replicated disaster recovery solution. Building on this, we supplemented the existing teams with the skills and tools to help manage capacity, performance and availability through the service lifecycle. Centiq provided the SAP HANA expert support, our own Optiq monitoring tool and a 24×7 Managed Service. This covered the customer's SAP Centre of Excellence for: Business Warehouse (BW) and SAP Customer Activity Reporting (CAR) applications. The applications supported, monitored and optimised for the customer, provided business-critical, customer-facing services. These are complex, often extremely busy applications, where sub-second response times are required to deliver the very best customer satisfaction.

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The results

Following Centiq's changes, the customer's revenue resulted in an increase of 8% per transaction. It also gave them increased insight into the capacity of their clustered workloads.

Overall, this achieved a stronger, resilient platform, as well as access to valuable data, to drive understanding and enhance services. This, in turn, credited their end-user with the value of a richer customer experience. The customer gained valuable insight into the capacity of their clustered workloads and prevented a potentially serious issue during the Christmas period. Revenue was increased by 8% per transaction through the success of the SAP HANA platform.

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"The two customer projects were complex and large scale using the latest technology that lacked a mature management toolset. We helped the customer address issues by considering the technology, people and process to delivering a successful outcome. Working within a diverse environment of local and outsourced staff, Centiq continues to provide the support they need to ensure it always delivers against its service objectives."

Rob Webster
CTO, Centiq


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