This transnational consumer goods supplier has focused on high-quality home care, foods, refreshments and personal care products since the 1980s.

A huge transformation is happening in the consumer goods supplier sector. Retail is becoming more omnichannel in its approach to customers. Consumers want products, quickly, reliably and in the brand of their choice. It's now become a necessary survival tactic for companies to utilise technology to stay ahead or innovate in order to thrive with customers.

The Challenge

Working in a complex global industry, with many manufacturing products, is challenging. 'Just In Time' business processes with a strong focus on high-quality production, evaluation and provisioning have been utilised to engage, acquire and retain loyal customers. Once a customer has been acquired, consumer goods suppliers must deliver on customer expectations by building cost-efficient manufacturing and logistical distribution. Finally, businesses need to measure live metrics in order to change with external influences. As you can imagine, there's a lot to manage.

The customer priority was to implement a consolidated Product Lifecycle Management service, known within SAP as PLM. The customer had thousands of processes, which required transformation using the latest SAP functionality. The organisation also needed to implement a SAP S/4HANA-based solution, requiring the use of the XSA component of SAP HANA.

The Results

The SAP HANA project implementation removed a large amount of complexity. With Centiq leading the project, the company was also able to focus on normal business functionality, running simultaneously.

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