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Taking your SAP investment to the next level

Using our proven methodologies, templates, code and expertise, we will guide your next generation SAP migration process whilst focussing on the unique requirements of your business.

We have delivered many successful SAP to Azure migrations, as well as to S/4HANA, both in the Cloud and on-premise. Working with us, you are accessing over 10 years of experience and thousands of systems built, migrated and operated to optimal parameters. Whether you’re considering a greenfield implementation, or an AnyDB to S/4HANA migration, our expert team and network of partners are here to share thought leadership and best practices ensuring an accelerated and low risk project execution and delivery.

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Greenfield S/4HANA Migrations: A fresh start

SAP systems are complex. Over time, because of changes in people, processes, integrations and technologies, it is typical for customisation of systems to occur. Many customers seeking to transform existing SAP systems to S/4HANA may choose to start from scratch with a greenfield implementation to avoid the complexities and issues of a brownfield migration. With a clear focus on what you need your SAP landscape to deliver for the business, starting afresh with a technical and functional change can bring big benefits. Greenfield implementations hold less risk and allow for faster transformations.

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Data Dilemmas

Whilst greenfield migrations suggest a completely new implementation, we understand you may have a wealth of data that needs to be live in your new environment and simply can’t be archived. Greenfield implementations do not mean you don’t migrate existing SAP data. Using tools like SLT (SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server), the Centiq BASIS team are able to export/import collections of sensitive or master data to your new platform, ensuring you have a strong foundation of critical data to move forward with.

Data Dilemmas
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Any DB to S/4HANA Migrations

If you’re not currently running the HANA database and also want the new functional capabilities of S/4HANA, we can help. Our Centiq BASIS team are well-positioned to perform the technical aspects of these migrations and can also help with functional migration with applications such as FICO, Sales and Distribution and BW. For wider functional demands we engage with our partner network or work alongside your established functional team or incumbent partner. This enables end-to-end project delivery in one engagement.

Any DB to S/4HANA Migrations
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Expert hands for your migration

Making any change to business-critical systems such as your SAP estate requires highly specialist expertise and experience.

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Our expert team have completed many, successful migrations to S/4HANA, both in the cloud and on-premise, and it’s those ‘real life’ learnings that allow us to deliver thought leadership and industry best practice with our customers and partners in this area.

From engagement to delivery your project will be managed by a consistent collective of our experts. They will get to know your business, people and processes and immerse themselves in your project vision, ensuring you get the outcomes you expected.

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Discovery Assessment

We offer a funded SAP on Azure Discovery Assessment to sustain and accelerate your digital transformation. Cloud computing is an essential part of SAP digital transformations and with thousands of deployment options, Centiq’s Discovery Assessment helps simplify the process.

When considering options for your SAP investment, a sound architecture is needed to ensure that the solution fulfils the requirement of your business. We make it easy to understand some best practice options with no cost to your business, helping you to visualize your future with SAP on Azure. Let us help you discover a more agile, cost-effective and responsive SAP on Azure solution for your business.

Discovery Assessment

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