Drive more business value from your SAP landscape.

At Centiq we understand the requirements of the modern enterprise and the need to constantly adapt to meet market change and evolving business objectives.

We know that simply changing one element in your SAP system does not build long-term, sustainable business change or value. You need a change in culture, mindset, and processes, as well as technology, integrated through a flexible, innovative and optimised solution that meets your business’s constantly changing needs.

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Transform with Centiq

With over 20 years’ experience in designing, implementing and optimising SAP systems for a wide range of customers, we understand that delivering the most value from your SAP estate can be a challenge. Typically SAP solutions operate on monolithic and inflexible systems, which don’t always meet today’s dynamic need for business change or responsiveness.

Transform with Centiq

To realise the full potential of SAP platform modernisation, you must consider how you operate the platform in the long-term to continually meet the needs of your business.

A new way of working to drive business value

Our Agile Operating Model champions a change in mindset and approach, supported by updated processes, governance, management best practices, automation and continuous improvement. The expert team at Centiq have leveraged their skills in DevOps, Linux and SAP to develop a unique perspective on how to deliver these elements for SAP workloads, and on running them to drive business value.

Drive business value
Each of our customers is on a different journey with different entry points, different project visions and different skill sets. Our Agile Operating Model moulds to meet the needs of your business regardless of where you are in your SAP transformation journey. It works in phases, which, once delivered, are tested, reviewed and then re-launched to achieve
ongoing improvement in areas of best practice, governance or responsiveness.

Our Agile Operating Model strives to build lasting sustainable change in your business through a different transformational approach. It enables you to accelerate change through continuous improvement, whilst also delivering increased stability, consistency, and testing quality across your SAP landscape.


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Accelerate SAP modernisation

Accelerate SAP modernisation

See how you can make a difference with platform modernisation.

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