Adopt a faster pace of change with IaaS

SAP’s Cloud journey, which began in 2012 when SAP HANA 1.0 virtual machines were certified to be deployed with Cloud providers, continues with HANA 2.0.

The essence of Cloud computing has been to separate the application from infrastructure. SAP now offers a number of certified options beyond IaaS with the SAP Cloud platform.

Adopt a faster pace of change with IaaS

Container options for flexibility

The SAP Cloud platform uses Cloud Foundry automated deployments to provide Operating System management and even Database as a Service. The challenge with virtual machines is they are not as flexible as options in containers or serverless architectures. However SAP HANA can be deployed using single or multitenant database containers. Partnering with SUSE or RedHat for SAP Container deployments allows you to use Docker or Kubernetes. All of this enables organisations to adapt and adopt a faster pace of change at lower risk and cost.

Understanding “as a service” offerings

To determine which service best fits your requirements, it’s important to understand how IaaS differs from other “as a service” offerings.

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Leveraging IaaS for SAP Solutions

IaaS provides a proven approach for organisations to rapidly provision SAP configurations to meet their existing needs whilst enabling the flexibility to reconfigure any and all resources as required. For many customers, this is a different operational model and mindset.

The benefits of IaaS flexibility

Learn more about how the flexibility of IaaS can help your SAP landscape.

  1. 01

    Turn off SAP non-production when not needed

  2. 02

    Dynamically scale up and/or out SAP landscapes with no commitment

  3. 03

    Provision, upgrade, update and reconfigure SAP on Azure resources in parallel using techniques such as Blue - Green deployments to minimise downtime and risk of change

  4. 04

    Re-architect existing SAP landscapes using lean design principles to achieve high availability or business continuity targets

  5. 05

    Leverage industry community support through Microsoft GitHub to take advantage of SAP on Azure automation

  6. 06

    Leverage the strategic Microsoft and SAP ‘Embrace’ partnership benefits and features

  7. 07

    Adopt automated testing techniques and procedures

The benefits of IaaS flexibility

Azure Compute on-demand

SAP customers can easily select and connect to Azure Compute on-demand resources.
Microsoft’s significant investment into service capability development allows for continuous improvements in configuring, monitoring, managing and evolving SAP to simplify and enhance the customer experience.


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