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3 SAP/Azure market place trends you need to know about

Keeping a finger on the pulse of SAP and Azure market trends is a big part of our job. 

We consistently leverage our commercial relationships and ensure our staff are at the top of their game technically, so we can share valuable insights with our clients. This helps them stay informed, ahead of the curve, and remain competitive.

So, here’s a recap on our 2021 headlines so far... 

1) Accelerated cloud spend... 

Organisations are adopting a cloud-first strategy at a faster rate than ever, according to the experts at Gartner: 

'By 2024, more than 45 percent of IT spending on system infrastructure, infrastructure software, application software and business process outsourcing will shift from traditional solutions to cloud. [This will] accelerate even further in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis.' 

If you haven’t already, now is the time to start considering how to boost your business agility, and a SAP on Azure migration can be a great place to start. 

Leveraging the benefits of the cloud platform to transform your business-critical systems may seem like a leap. However, we know the improvements in flexibility, agility, platform management, and technology integration make for a great success story. It’ll drive true business value from the ‘crown jewels’ of your technical estate. 

Don't forget - we live in a digital world and technology is ever-changing. So, it makes sense to prepare for the next wave of change, and to have the foundations in place to ensure the tech function within your company drives business value.

2) … And cost-optimisation strategies 

Accelerated cloud spend doesn't mean unfettered spend. 

With global economic uncertainty, companies are looking for cost-optimisation strategies to get the best return on their investment. It's a trend as old as time, but one that's especially poignant now. 

On-premises SAP landscapes can be costly, and often cannot scale SAP instances at speed, according to a 2021 Forrester study. Indeed, organisations who migrated from on-prem, saw a 112 percent ROI. In part, this was thanks to Azure's subscription model and the ability to scale usage up or down as required. 

However, migration is just the beginning of what should be an ongoing, iterative approach to cost-optimisation (and optimisation in general). Take this as your chance to standardise and modernise your SAP landscape in a carefully architected cloud environment with built-in optimisation opportunities.

Alternately, many businesses with complex workloads or sunk costs, opt for a step-change style migration and a hybrid-cloud setup. That way, they can get some benefits upfront and expand operations from there. 

3) Increased reliance on expert providers 

Gartner has said that one of the main trends of the last year was delayed migrations due to a lack of in-house skills. With expert partners like Centiq here to help, this is not a trend that needs to continue. 

Often, making the first step in SAP transformation is the hardest. How do you know which SAP transformation option is right for you?  Where do you start? 

Don’t fret; we can help. 

At Centiq, our solution and service portfolios are built around challenges our customers may face in expertise, optimising the SAP and Azure platforms and ensuring TCO makes sense for your business.  We know it's these lynchpins that will define the next few years in SAP and Azure transformation, and we have the tools at hand to drive successful projects from design through to delivery.   

Kick start your SAP journey with our Transformation Roadmap service. It's free of charge with no obligation and delivers a high-level report based on your transformation goals and requirements.