Microsoft & Centiq CXO Series: Episode 1

Microsoft & Centiq CXO Series: Episode 1

Welcome to the series of videos from Microsoft and Centiq.

Each month we welcome a key member of the Microsoft strategic team for SAP on Azure. These discussions will give you direct insights into optimising your SAP on Azure journey.

In this episode we welcome Mark Smith, General Manager at Microsoft Solutions. He and Matt Lovell, CEO at Centiq, discuss:

SAP on Azure customer priorities in the next 12 months

The topics covered include: 

  • Reducing dual operating/running costs during transition.
  • Benefits of “As Code”.
  • Automation to accelerate migration timings and reduce dual-platform costs.
  • How to maximise the benefits of SAP on Azure.

The right partner will support customers to enable the acceleration of cloud benefits with creative commercial models during project design and transition.

Mark Smith is a member of the Microsoft UK Leadership Team and runs Microsoft Solutions, comprising of 360 diversely skilled people that cover the three Microsoft Clouds. The teams are made up of Solution Specialist Sales and Technical Specialists in a shared service model, serving over 800 business customers (Global, Enterprise and Partner and Public Sector).

Mark has previously held a variety of leadership roles at Microsoft, most recently running the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Business, which includes Azure and AI. Mark is also the executive sponsor for the Microsoft UK AI Country Plan. Other leadership roles include Western Europe Dynamics Partner Channel, Healthcare and Corporate Accounts.

Download your own copy of our recent white paper:  ‘How to transform your SAP estate:  The challenges, impact and opportunities for restructuring.

And don't forget to tune into episode 2 of our Microsoft and Centiq CXO series. We'll be welcoming Lee Welch, Azure Solutions Manager at Microsoft UK, for a discussion about Azure and its complementary ecosystem.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about SAP and Azure, you can contact us.

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