Services to help you to maximise the benefits of Cloud

Beyond your journey to Cloud, we offer a comprehensive, service portfolio with flexible options, from 12 months to 5 years, designed to ensure you maximise the benefits.

We align our project delivery and support services with Cloud consumption and subscription services. This helps businesses to transform rapidly, minimising transition and dual operating costs, whilst balancing support quality, service levels, responsiveness and certainty against cost and commitments.

Services to help you to maximise the benefits of Cloud

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Achieving lower TCO in Azure

For large SAP workloads in Azure, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is always a concern. Our skills in SAP architecture, capacity management, monitoring, and platform automation, deliver a cost-effective SAP landscape.

We enable your business to reap the benefits of Azure and reduce TCO simultaneously so that you see a positive financial impact when hosting your SAP workloads in the Cloud. Here are some insights into how we help you:

Dual running costs – to maintain SAP availability, many customers will need to operate the “as is” and “to be” SAP platforms in parallel for a period of time to complete a migration. This approach is not unusual but clearly highlights a period of increased costs. Centiq works with customers to optimise dual running costs of the “to be” platform, and, where they can be influenced, the “as is” platform.

Software Licensing – cloud presents additional options to license both Operating Systems and connected services including SAP Cloud platform connectors through Microsoft SKUs. Customers can flexibly add capacity and connectors on a Pay as you Go basis should they not have BYOL options available. Working with a trusted partner like Centiq ensures you get expert license advice for the platform.

The right licensing choice can make all the difference once you’re into longer term consumption with ‘Reserved Instances’ typically being the most economical option. This ensures you Pay As You Go for what you need on short-term requirements if BYOL does not cover you, and for the additional licenses required during dual running.

Service Design and Transition – achieving an accelerated and low risk migration to the highest quality, reimagined service is a common customer goal. Selecting a flexible partner who will work with you through the challenges to realise goals is key to a successful project. At Centiq we offer customers an innovative approach in both service design and transition, leveraging our expertise and investments in automation and transition methodologies for SAP on Azure.

Governance – customers can exploit SAP platform automation as a significant benefit to change landscape, optimise cost, performance and capacity, as well as accelerating business change. When you change components, however, governance needs to be carefully linked to evolution and service improvement to ensure consistency, reliability and cost of ownership.

Agile Operating Model – you can read more about our Agile Operating Model here. To achieve optimal total cost of ownership, you should consider this as a key parameter when reimaging SAP on Azure.

Continuous optimisation saves cost and time

We work with our customers to align their changing needs to dynamic services and time to value through our Agile Operating Model.

When it comes to Cloud, there’s no one size fits all. Each business is different and we specialise in advising our customers on the best possible fit, whilst being conscious of project budgets. Our discovery sessions give us an in-depth understanding of your business, processes and project vision.

The information gathered in these sessions allows us to build two options: a Lean Architecture proposal – usually the most cost-effective way to run Azure; and a Reference Architecture option, which takes advantage of all Azure features. This gives you a clear understanding of how to leverage these architectures to meet the needs of your organisation.

Continuous optimisation saves cost and time

Tailored cost models and payment profiles

Today’s dynamic economic climate shouldn’t be a barrier to your digital transformation projects.

If financial resources are obstructing a business case to make changes to your SAP landscape, we may have a solution. We have worked with our partner ecosystem to ensure a range of creative commercial offerings that could help make your digital transformation plans a reality.

From funded Azure POCs and funded discovery sessions to tailored payment solutions, we are committed to making your transformation journey as easy as possible.

Tailored cost models and payment profiles

Aligning service cost to business need

We encourage customers to actively consider the following questions when thinking about SAP modernisation and aligning SAP service cost to business needs.

  • Does every tier SAP landscape in your business really need the same level of service and response?
  • What is the business need for more than a three tier SAP landscape?
  • Why do you need non-production SAP systems available most of the time?
  • Have you deleted unnecessary and legacy data to rightsize your landscape?
  • Can you operate on different sized Cloud resources at different times?
  • When did you last verify your SAP landscape requirements with the business for now, and the future?
  • Can business continuity and DR be delivered differently to protect production services?
  • What SAP data needs to be protected, and at what frequency, and for what retention time?

Really think about this: challenge conventional thinking and existing business processes. These questions and responses form part of our discovery and lean design activities in any customer solution. They quickly enable any business to optimise the total cost of ownership (TCO). We can then profile the identified options against appropriate payment options to confirm the optimal Infrastructure as a Service solution.


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