Centiq's First Day at UKISUG Connect 2018 - Stand S15

By Dorota Gibiino

12 November 2018

Opening day at the SAP User Group Connect event

Yesterday was opening day for the UKISUG Connect 2018 event (or for those of you who don’t know yet, the biggest SAP User Group event of the year). Centiq opened up their stand (S15) as part of the Microsoft Azure village, with Matt Lovell, Kieran Fitzgerald, and Emma Lovell (no, there is no relation, Centiq are just collecting Lovells).

It’s been great to see customers and partners aplenty, as well as some fresh faces. As expected, a lot of conversations have stemmed around Cloud so far. Companies are interested in the options available to them, along with the benefits they’ll gain from certain routes. This is one of Centiq’s main specialities. We’re finding that organisations are having to find clever ways to make IT budgets stretch, doing more with less. Part of the challenge also being, to not only manage current systems, but create new ways of working for a long term solution.

Creating a proactive environment for your IT

Part of what we’ve been talking to customers about, is defining what they currently have and assessing what will suit their journey proactively, in the long term. Not just short term planning and firefighting. Tie this in with Infrastructure as Code, along will the culling of superfluous processes, and the journey simplifies, often along with the cost.

We’re looking forward to understanding how our specialities and knowledge can help define and design efficient road maps for organisations. If you’re dropping by UKISUG Connect at any point, come and natter with us today. We’re in between the Microsoft Partner Village and the food.

Stand S15 – Look out for us

How to be amazing at SAP HANA in Blueprint form

How to be amazing at SAP HANA

Pick up one of Centiq’s blueprints to understand HOW TO BE AMAZING AT SAP HANA. Got a question about the Define, Design, Build and Run process? Just ask one of the team and they’ll be happy to help.

By Dorota Gibiino

12 November 2018